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Turning 25
25 and me, is it a dream? , Am I just 12 and dreaming how it feels like if I am 25 :-?

Feels heavy. My thoughts are more complex and confusing than ever. feels like am reaching the pinnacle of confusing behavior, hoping for the downhill forward ;).

If I look back, after 21 I felt like growing backwards, always felt like growing younger.
I was thinking of more imp and matured stuff when I was 18-20 than when I was in 23-24.
But 25 seems crazy, feels like this is a crossing junction. I feel both growing matured and feeling younger ;) at the same time.

Looking back seems like had a successful,adventures, varied life.
Was lucky enough to do anything I wanted to do with my life, only bound by my laziness :). Special thanks to my parents and sibling for making this happen. I owe them big time.
Thanks to all my friends, always had pleasure of being with some of the smartest , adventurous and fun people.

Lived my life as a nerd, geek, wannabe dude, dude, simple, stylish, down to earth....

In a nutshell,
From the bottom of my heart, am proud of myself for what I have done and the way I have lived.

Frantically, obsessively looking forward towards the adventures ahead.
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Travelling Crazy!!
in last 22 days , have travelled closed to 2500 kms
approx around 113 kms a day.
I feel like a nomad.

Prominent places where my bullet's tires has left its trail, in last few days:

bangalore, tumkur, tiptur, arasikere, kadur, kalhatti falls, tarikere, badravathi, shimoga, sagar, jog falls, gerusoppa, honavar, murudeshwar, kumta, gokarna, karwar, canacona, palonem beach, agonda beach, margao, panaji, calangute, calangute beach, bhaga beach, anjuna beach, agonda beach, miramar beach, yellapura,kalghati, hubli, kundol, savanur, haveri, byadgi, ranibennur, harihara, davanagere, chitradurga, hiryur, ramnagara, maddur, mandya, mysore, bandipur, himavad gopalswami betta.

Till now States Visted on bullet:
Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Goa, Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal pradesh, Jammu kashmir

Kiosk network
Talk on Kiosk Network.

An Overview of the KioskNet System
S. Keshav, David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science University of Waterloo
Internet kiosks can provide services such as birth and marriage certificates,land records, and medical and agricultural consulting to the poorest sections of society. To effectively serve its users and be profitable to its operator, a kiosk should be always available and have a low-cost and reliable connection to the Internet. However, kiosk computers often fail, requiring frequent and expensive repairs. Network connectivity
can be lost due to failures and computer viruses. Faced with high costs
and unreliable service delivery, customers lose interest and kiosk
deployments become unsustainable.

KioskNet provides a platform for low-cost and reliable Internet kiosks. It provides connectivity using traditional solutions such as dialup and satellite, as well as opportunistic communication between a kiosk and a wireless router on a vehicle passing by. Computation is provided by a kiosk controller that allows recycled PCs to boot from it, and that also provides a mountable file system. The KioskNet platform supports end-to-end security, user management, and applications such as email and content distribution.

Over the last three years, a team of over 20 researchers at the University
of Waterloo has designed, implemented, and field-tested KioskNet. Based
on our experiences, we have continually refined the initial design,
gaining both simplicity and greater ease of deployment.

In this talk, I will present an overview of the KioskNet system, outlining
its software architecture. I will then focus on the changes we made to
the architecture over the years. I will conclude with a description of
its current status and our plans for field deployments.

PS: Text is replicated from youtube.
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Wild dreams
29 Craziest things to-do in '08.
1) Freestyle football stunt for more than 5 mins
2) Disassemble ma bike Royal Enfield bullet till nuts and bolts are left.
3) Possibly assemble it back.
4) Read 30+ books
5) Travel abroad (min 2 countries)
6) Biking on Highest motorable road on kardung-la, Himalayas
7) Stand on my bullet free handed,ofcourse while riding.
8) Dance performance, this time any of the latin styles.
9) Make my own Documentary.
10) Get another Crazy freaking ultra creative hair style.
11) Learn skating.
12) Build a cool possibly commericial web2.0 app and launch it.
13) tattoo (!sure, frankly this is foolish that I can get, januvara + tattoo is simply not acceptable :P)
14) Build a toy (electronic|mechanical|intangible)
to be updated!!!

99 Craziest things to-do in life
1) Build my own country, build it from scratch and be a king.
2) Build my own company(ies)
3) go for a world tour for 2 + yrs (very less hope)
4) Go for a honeymoon in a private island(fiji, hawaii ...)
5) Bungy jump
6) go to New Zealand
to be updated!!!
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Longest time watching FRIENDS
I just hit the longest time i have seen F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
I started watching this from yesterdday 10:30 PM and now it is 4:00AM, straight 5:30 hrs, 13th episode season 8 currently.
Oh! i feel so week minded for this series.

Nerd score this year huh!!
I am nerdier than 94% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

My Previous nerd score last year.

I am trying to become less-nerdier, this is what happened :(

Dont Think "Why"Sometimes ?
Sometimes(in my case almost always )you end up liking things and want to pursue it.But you dont know "why?".
If you try to think logically you end up without any clue, and end up in analysis-paralysis state as my rommie gauthampai puts it.
The main problem here is,you don't have many "variables" required to make a decision at this point.
These variables only become clearer when you move in the direction of pursuing your love.
But there is serious time constraint also , you cant just pursue whatever you like and later realize or go on thinking if what you are doing is right or wrong?.
So what you have to do?, is the big question.

I have 2 contradicting approaches to solve this problem:

1)"Start you work parallel in different abstraction levels"
This idea came to mind from the way Mozilla Firefox browser works[yes i am crazy].
When you open a webpage,firefox already starts downloading the links on the page,as you looking at the loaded page.This enriches your browsing experience,but the browser also may end up downloading unwanted pages that you dont visit.
This is the technique we may adapt,we can just start working at what we want to without looking at the way it will help us in the future[as firefox follows links], but at the same time looking the pros/cons of what we are doing,How it is going to help me/world in the future,what is the current state of the work ,how are already working on similar things etccc...
The major advantage of this method is , it helps you to analyze what you are doing in many different abstraction levels, And answers you the question "Why are you doing,the one you are doing ? :)" and you would have already be a long way in the journey through the field.
The major threat is that you should'nt keep the question "why are you doing this ?" for a long time, this may result in a position where you loose interest.And sometimes it is very bad to doubt what you are doing.

2) "Just do it"
Don't think just do it, at some point or the other it will help.
This is what Steve jobs said in one of his interviews .You can'nt find the interview here.But i really find it difficult to follow this method to solve the problem.As you feel the completely relying on luck. IS IT SO?....

He says he left his college thinking it boring,and then he joined some course on Calligraphy for no reason.
Then while he started developing Mac OS , he used his calligraphy skills for creating various amazing fonts. Now MAC is famous for its elegant GUI. And the most of people believe that Microsoft got ideas for it GUI from MAC, and now linux. Whole world is now enjoying such cool GUI with all those amazing fonts, all rooted to the fact that Steve Jobs had Calligraphy Skills.......

Any other suggestions for solving this problem,which i believe most of us are facing?.

My left eye has 0.70 power,my right eye is good.I don't use any specs,still I am able to see clearly.
How come brain can decide which one left eye's data,or right eye's data is trustable?
I don't think it is the average of left's and right's data,as i have no problems seeing anything.

Napster story by its employee ( very intresting )
Story about napster.I like DonDodge's articles very much.And this is just one of them.


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